Audio Tour: Damaged Hearts by Jan St. Marcus

Author: Jan St. Marcus

Narrator: Toby James

Length: 14 hours 18 minutes

Series: Boys of Venice Beach Series, Book 1

Publisher: Blue Ascot Media

Released: July 16, 2021

Genre: MM Romance

A chance encounter connects them.

Their tragic pasts bond them.

An unexpected love surprises them. 

An unseen danger stalks them.

Love doesn’t have a chance…or does it?

When 19-year-old military veteran Brandon Hawkins is attacked on Venice Beach by a gang of frat boys, he is saved by Michelangelo Curtis, a passerby. Michelangelo was roaming the boardwalk grieving the death of his twin brother six months earlier. The two men’s unexpected encounter forges a strong bond between the damaged and lonely men. 

Inviting the homeless Bran to his place for some food and a shower, 25-year-old Michelangelo finds himself drawn to the younger man. Neither of the men is gay. But before long, their friendship morphs into something like love and takes them both by surprise. And they have something else in common: The frat boys are out for revenge! 

Damaged Hearts is an M/M romance with a “gay for you” plot, HEA ending, and thriller elements that will keep you glued until the very end.

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Jan St. Marcus is currently working as a professional photographer in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area where he recently relocated after 25 years in the Los Angeles Area. Many of those years were spent living on the Beach in Venice, California, the setting for The Boys Of Venice Beach Series. DAMAGED HEARTS is the first of 4 novels planned for the series. He is currently single.


Top 10 List
Author Jan St. Marcus’ Top 10 Songs that could be in the soundtrack for this book
  1. CREEP – RadioHead: This is a song that both Michelangelo and Bran have a complicated history with–they both have bittersweet memories associated with it and it figures prominently in several key scenes in the book. 
  2. CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA – Oasis: This is a song that Bran loved to play on the guitar when he was younger. 
  3. FIX YOU – Coldplay: While not referenced in the song, it could very well be an anthem for both of these characters as they are both damaged in some ways, and together, they have effectively “Fixed” each other by filling their hearts with a love that never existed for either of them before they met each other.
  4. PLEASE SEND ME SOMEONE TO LOVE – Ramsey Lewis: The night they first meet, Michelangelo puts this jazz song on his stereo and Bran listens to it as he’s eating the meal Michelangelo has prepared for him. 
  5. HIGH AND DRY – RadioHead: Another song that is not referenced directly in the book, but it is a moody, very lyrical song and the mood fits the book perfectly.
  6. ALL MY LIFE – Foo Fighters: I pictured Michelangelo cranking the volume of his Porsche GT3RS as he’s driving at 90 miles per hour down Pacific Coast Highway! 
  7. NAME: Goo Goo Dolls: Since both Michelangelo and Bran are orphans, the lyrics of this song are absolutely PERFECT for this book. The song itself is both sad and hopeful, but at its core, it’s a song about the bond between two orphans who have shared the hardships of their lost childhoods.
  8. BLACK HOLE SUN – Soundgarden: When he was growing up teaching himself to play the guitar, I can’t imagine Bran NOT learning to play this song. It’s one of those classic hard rock anthems that every kid seemed to want to learn.
  9. BLACKBIRD – The Beatles: When they’re in Hawaii, Bran plays this song on guitar for everyone in the rental house and it becomes kind of a “sing-a-long” moment. Great song that fits the situation so well.
  10. SEASONS – Chris Cornell: There is something haunting about this song and I think that both Bran and Michelangelo would just “get it” and enjoy hearing it. I can definitely picture Bran playing this on guitar while Michelangelo sings.

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